Suicide artist

Is an art like everything else.
I do it exceptionally well.
Sylvia Plath

He would spend hours
In that dark corner
The night being his palette
And the stars his colours
Consecutive sketches
Drawing, drawing, drawing…

He would spend days
In that dark corner
Bent over notebooks
His index, middle, and thumb bleeding
Stories, scripts, poems
Writing, writing, writing…

He would spend months
In that dark corner
with the movements of a dancer, a magician, a God
or—alas—a mortal
the ballet of life
Choreographing, choreographing, choreographing…

He would spend years
In that dark corner
With macabre scales
And unheard-of harmonies
the music that would accompany the end
Composing, composing, composing…

He would spend hours, days, months, years
In that dark corner
Artifying his Death.

Athens, 1990

[This poem is a translation of the Greek poem Καλλιτεχνίζων αυτόχειρ]



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