Happy Birthday Mr Suicide

Celebrated the awful occasion.
Samuel Beckett,
Krapp’s last tape

The house was empty on his birthday
There were no friends, no laughter, no wishes
No presents on the festive table
And stillness made dust settle down

The house was empty on his birthday
Spiders had entrenched themselves behind the books
And old melodies hidden in the corner
Resounded nothing but silence

The house was empty on his birthday
And darkness intruded like a nightmare
Making the doubt grow big
Will there be a dawn tomorrow?

The house was empty on his birthday
Except of a little present he gave to himself
An elaborately ornamented knife
One of those used by the Japanese

To commit harakiri.

[Translation from the original Greek poem: Χρόνια πολλά κύριε αυτόχειρα]

Dead Can Dance, The Carnival is Over (lyrics and mp3)

Athens, 1990


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